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TianHong Foundation Cultural Seminar Series - First Episode "Care for Yourself"

On Jul 21st, TianHong foundation and Cupertino library co-hosted the "care for yourself" free health seminar at Cupertino community hall.  We invited Dr Philip Yang - principal of Nine Star University of Health Sciences to be the guest speaker.  Dr Yang discussed the connection between ancient Chinese philosophy and wisdom and modern health sciences, and presented a lot of real life cases in which people can better cure diseases and care for themselves via Chinese acupuncture and medicine.  

The seminar and the free clinic afterwards was very well received by the audience.  Below are a few of the feedbacks we received from the people who participated:"It is too short, I hope Dr Yang can talk more." "I hope you folks can have more of these seminars, if I hadn't listened to the radio, I wouldn't have known." "Thank you so much for inviting me to this seminar,  very informative and helpful."

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