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Tian Hong Foundation announced main theme and detailed process for 2024 cross cultural youth poem and art contest!

As Spring enters its full bloom, we are very happy to welcome all young poets and artists to participate in this year's Tian Hong cross cultural youth poem & art contest by announcing the 2024 main theme: “When Dreams Take Flight”!

As you embark on this journey of creative expression, let the theme this year inspire your imagination and passion! Your words and artwork hold the power to transcend boundaries and unite hearts. Your creations will ignite a spark of inspiration in others and remind us all of the limitless potential within each of us. So, dream boldly, create fearlessly, and have lots of fun!

With that said, here are a few logistics details for this year’s contest:

  • We have decided to further expand the scope of our contest this year to not only include English poems, traditional media drawings and paintings (oil, watercolor, pencil, etc.), but also collages, woodwork and installation art (no music or videos yet).  

  • On top of that, we have created a Founder’s award of $1000 and Judge’s favorite award of $500 in addition to the regular award structure.  

  • Each contestant can submit a maximum of two entries across both poem and art contest.

  • Our evaluation criteria is as follows: 40% originality from the artist, 30% main theme alignment, 30% quality of techniques

Can you leverage an AI tool to help create the content?  The answer is yes, we encourage independent practice but if you would like to co-pilot with an AI tool, we will not disqualify you as long as you disclose that in the artist statement in the registration form.  Also, you must show what content you have added or revised with your specific personal touch. If the inspiration is from your personal experience or feelings, we can most likely sense that (as humans 🙂) and be touched. Don’t be constrained by the AI tool, trust yourself to be the most creative soul if you search inside yourself!

So, join us and share your moments, feelings and thoughts about this exciting theme via your poems or visual artworks this year!  

Eligibility:  Contestants with age of 21 or under; English poem(s) of all formats, artwork (s) in all mediums, including drawings, paintings, digital arts, and artcrafts (e.g. woodwork, installation art, collage, etc.). Maximum 2 entries across all poem and art modalities per contestant.

Registration and submission of entries: 

Step 1:  Click or copy/paste the following Google form link in your browser and open the entry form: 

Step 2:  Complete and submit the entry form.  Note: if you have leveraged an AI tool to generate the content, please indicate that in the artist statement and explain the part of work you have added / revised with your personal touch; 

Step 3:  Email all poem(s) and / or digital image(s) of artwork(s) to by Monday, July 1st, 2024. Due to limited resources, we currently only accept poems in English. We will also accept artworks in high quality digital format (digital art files that are 300 DPI or better. We can work with .jpg, .tif, .gif, or .psd files, or high quality PDFs.)


To ensure prompt review, please follow the below naming convention for your file submission(s):  your first name (space) last name (space) name of your poem or artwork. e.g. "john doe love of peace"

Step 4:  You are highly encouraged to email a short video (< 2 mins) about your poem or art making experience. This is optional, but will help the judge panel get to know you and evaluate your work.  

​​Award announcement: All awards will be announced on or before Friday, Aug 16th, 2024. Cash awards will be electronically sent via PayPal or Amazon gift card to the winners; Certificates will be sent via email as per request.

Insurance and photographs: Tian Hong Foundation assumes the privilege of sharing the poems or digital images of artworks entered into the contest for the purpose of education, documentation or public viewing.

Have fun and best luck!  We look forward to seeing your submissions soon!  For questions, please contact us at

Tian Hong Foundation

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