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TianHong Foundation Cultural Seminar Series coming to Cupertino Community Hall

With the mission of promoting cultural exchanges, TianHong foundation will be hosting a series of cultural seminars in the local community.  The first seminar is coming to Cupertino community hall on Jul 21st, 2014 at 7pm.  

With five thousand years of history as the backdrop, both Chinese philosophy and Chinese medicine have endured the test of time and proven to be one of the most powerful ideological system and real world medical field.  The wisdom and best practice developed in China is applicable to modern life across the world. Dr Philip Yang, a renowned doctor in the bay area, also the principal of Nine Star University of Health Sciences, has been successfully treating people with Chinese medicine in the past years.  His deep knowledge in Chinese philosophy and rich real life medical experience have made him our distinguished and honorable speaker for this seminar.   Dr Yang will discuss with the audience the essence of Taoism, the Yin and Yang, and how the philosophical wisdom is seamlessly integrated into the theory of Chinese medicine.  He will also use a lot of real life examples, and even conduct real time diagnosis during the seminar to help people make connections with day to day life, and ultimately encourage people to incubate healthy habits in life - physically and mentally. This is a free public seminar, co-hosted by Nine Star University of Health Sciences, Tian Hong Foundation and Cupertino library.  

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