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Award announcement for Tian Hong 2023 Cross Cultural Youth Poem and Art Contests!

Updated: Aug 21

We are very pleased to announce this year’s award winners for the Tian Hong Foundation cross cultural youth poem and art contests - Memory of My Culture!

In a fast moving world with so many things to do, our young people’ engagement in making poems or arts is invaluable!

This is our first year to host a poem contest alongside the usual art contest. We are very impressed by the many touching poems submitted across the two age groups. Selection is always difficult, bear in mind although there is an amount associated with each award, your participation is priceless!

We are glad to see poems and artworks from diverse cultural backgrounds, including American, Indian, Chinese, Korean, Ukrainian, Armenian, Mexican, African, German, Japanese, Vietnamese, Sri Lankaans, etc.

We are immensely happy that these contests encouraged poem and art pursuits which hopefully have brought joy, peace, chance of self expression and mutual appreciation cross culturally.

Please refer to the slide deck below for all the details.

Tian Hong 2023 Cross Cultural Youth Poem and Art Contests Award announcement

Here is also a quick 1 min recap video to capture the highlights of this year's contests, enjoy and feel free to share!

Highlights from 2023 Tian Hong Cross Cultural Youth Poem and Art Contests

Congratulations to all the award winners, participants and parents, we hope to see you in future years!

For questions related to Tian Hong annual cross cultural youth poem and art contests, check out our webpage, or contact

With Love,

Susan Shi on behalf of

Tian Hong Foundation Youth Poem and Art Contest Review Panel

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