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Tian Hong's 2019 holiday message

As the curtain of 2019 starts to fall and 2020 unveils itself in front of us, my heart is filled with gratitude and love. In the past few years, Tian Hong Foundation is like a baby learning its steps in the area of cross cultural communication, education and art appreciation. We have hosted two cross cultural art competitions in 2018 and 2019 and awarded talented young artists. We have published two books - “Twelve secrets to a woman’s happiness” and “Pearls in Poems - interpretation of 12 famous ancient Chinese poems”, both promoting a lifestyle with love, compassion and poetic approach. We are also very grateful for our local art and cultural partners, including Yao Yong Dance Academy, Fantasia Performing Arts Center, and Chinese Performing Arts of America. We strived to help them reach more audience from different cultural backgrounds and promote their beautiful (many originally created) dance and theatrical performances to the general public. We are also very honored to have hosted free public seminars regarding health, arts, and humanity with our beloved guest speakers, including master in WuDang Kungfu and Chinese medicine - Dr Rose Li, renowned linguist and artist Danuta Hutchins and passionate Logosophy practitioner Barbara Brasil.

Tian Hong as a charitable foundation, is also a proud donor to community services and organizations including San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival, Challenge Day, De Young Museum and Wikipedia. 

In the new year, we expect to keep exploring the fields we selected to serve the community, including the following:

  • Promote cross cultural dance practice and appreciation for general public health, community embracement and greater love;

  • Host cross cultural visual art competitions for young artists;

  • Host free public seminars / discussion forums on language and culture, cross cultural art appreciation, women’s happiness and general public health;

  • Publish third free ebook “Bits and pieces of realizations by YuCheng” 

We would like to thank you for all your support and participation along this journey and would welcome any suggestions or feedback you might have.  You can reach us via email at

Happy holidays!

With gratitude and warmest regards,

Tian Hong Foundation

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