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Tian Hong Foundation hosted end of year 2017 forum focused on Art, Women and Art education

Feedbacks and Afterthoughts:

"Thanks so much for putting the event together. I truly enjoyed listening to Danuta and her experience with art.  She is an inspiration to us all."  - Farzaneh Abhari

"I just wanted to thank you again for including me in the art event last Sat. I really, really had a wonderful time and I am sooooo glad I came. I wasn't feeling very well and I really hope I didn't get anyone else sick. But, I'm really glad I didn't miss your event. I really enjoyed her talk and seeing her art. And it was very inspiring to see the families there that were supporting their kids art interests. I was so impressed with that talent of those kids! Anyway, the whole experience was just the inspiration I needed" - Tracie Chandler

"Dear Susan,this was an uplifting, caring event that warmed my heart and quickened its beat in joy. You, and all the attendees, especially the budding artists, have my unending gratitude for allowing me to share a special moment in our lives. You are a very generous and caring soul, thank you for inviting me to be a part of this lovely, inspiring event, and thank you for moderating to make me deliver my points effectively and in good manner. Thank you to all who have spend these few hours in the sun filled space where the Earth's Sun was surpassed by the Sun emanating from our hearts. Thank you to The foundation that you created for betterment of humanity! Affectionately"  - Danuta Hutchins

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