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Tian Hong Foundation launched 2020 Cross Cultural Youth Art Contest

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

It is no better time to engage our young generation in painting and expressing with hope and love! Tian Hong launched 2020 Cross Cultural Youth Art Contest in April 2020!

All submissions are due Jul 31st, 2020. Don't miss this opportunity to win awards and share your artworks with all art lovers!

Main theme: Love, Hope and Collective Humanity.  Awards will be presented to outstanding original artworks that capture or manifest moments, thoughts or visions of the subject theme.  Unique artworks that reflect different cultural influences and promote love, kindness and beauty are encouraged. 

Eligibility:  artists with age of 21 or under; originally designed and self completed artwork(s) in all media, including drawings, paintings, photographs, graphic design, sculpture, etc.  maximum 2 entries per artist.

This year, we will be dividing our artists into two age groups to encourage broader participation.  

Awards will be given out as outlined below:

Age group: 4 - 12

1st place $300

2nd place $150

3rd place $50

encouragement $20 Age group: 13 - 21 1st place $500

2nd place $250

3rd place $100

encouragement $20

Registration and submission of entries:  Print, complete and sign the entry form and email to together with all digital images of artworks by Jul 31st, 2020. We accept high quality digital images (digital art files that are 300 DPI or better. We can work with .jpg, .tif, .gif, or .psd file, or high quality PDFs.)

Award announcement:  All awards will be announced by Aug 31st, 2020. Awards will be electronically sent via PayPal to the recipients; certificates will be sent to email addresses as provided.

Photographs: Tian Hong Foundation assumes the privilege of sharing digital images of works entered into the contest for the purpose of education, documentation or public sharing.

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