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Tian Hong foundation announced main theme and details for 2022 cross cultural youth art contest!

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

As we unfold the year of 2022, Tian Hong foundation is very pleased to welcome back our young cross cultural art community to participate in this year's youth art contest - Love and Peace!

Join us and share your moments, thoughts and visions about this subject via your artworks! Awards will be presented to outstanding original artworks that reflect the theme and demonstrate solid techniques.

Eligibility: artists with age of 21 or under; originally designed and self completed artwork(s) in all media, including drawings, paintings, digital arts and photographs. Maximum 2 entries per artist.

Artists will be divided into two age groups and final awards will be distributed as follows:

Registration and submission of entries:

Step 1: Copy and paste the following Google form link in your browser and open the entry form:

Step 2: Complete and submit the entry form;

Step 3: Email all digital image(s) of artwork(s) to by Jul 31st, 2022. We accept high quality digital images (digital art files that are 300 DPI or better. We can work with .jpg, .tif, .gif, or .psd file, or high quality PDFs.)


To ensure prompt review, please follow the below naming convention for your image file submission(s): your first name (space) last name (space) name of your artwork. e.g. "john doe love of peace"

Step 4: You are also highly encouraged to email a short video (< 2 mins) capturing your art making process. This is optional, but will help the judge panel get to know you and evaluate your artwork(s).

​​Award announcement: All awards will be announced by Sep 2nd, 2022. Award amounts will be electronically sent via PayPal or Amazon gift card to the winners; Certificates will be sent via email as per request.

Insurance and photographs: Tian Hong Foundation assumes the privilege of sharing digital images of works entered into the contest for the purpose of education, documentation or public viewing.

Have fun and best luck! We look forward to seeing your submissions soon! Feel free to contact us at for questions.

Tian Hong Foundation

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