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Tian Hong 2021 Cross Cultural Youth Art Contest Awards Announcement - Congratulations!

On Aug 28th, 2021, Tian Hong foundation is extremely pleased to announce the award winners from this year's youth art contest - Nature and Me.

We are deeply touched by the level of passion and talent demonstrated by our young artists in both age groups 4-12 and 13-21. The award selection process has been very hard since there are so many great artworks submitted. We reviewed every artwork submitted and read every single artist statement. We would like to thank you sincerely for your participation, and welcome you to this loving cross cultural young art community. We hope you enjoy your artistic journey, keep cultivating your unique style and let art become part of your growing path. Bravo to you all!

With that said, please refer to the below webpage for the winners announcement. Congratulations to all the award winners! You are such inspirations for us all!

We have also proudly prepared a Youtube video trailer to announce the winners to the public. Please feel free to share both.

This summer, you all delivered! We are proud of you!


Tian Hong Foundation Judge Panel

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