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Award announcement for Tian Hong 2022 Cross Cultural Youth Art Contest - Love and Peace

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

With great pleasure, we would like to announce the award winners for this year's Tian Hong cross cultural youth art contest - Love and Peace. Please refer to the below webpage for the winners announcement. Congratulations! Tian Hong 2022 Cross Cultural Youth Art Contest Award Announcement This year, to further support our young artists, in addition to cash awards, the review panel has also provided qualitative feedback for artworks submitted. You can find comments for your artwork(s) by clicking below. Enjoy! Comments for your artwork(s) Every young artist is unique despite of different stage he or she might be at technically. The spirit conveyed is most important. We are so glad to see progress in a lot of contestants year over year, and are immensely happy that this contest helped facilitate and encourage art making process which brings joy, peace, self expression and personal growth. For future years, Tian Hong Foundation plans to launch poem contest together with art contest for the same age groups, and will be soliciting inputs on main theme from potential contestants. More details to follow. Thank you all,

With Love, Susan Shi Tian Hong Foundation

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