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2020 holiday message from Tian Hong Foundation

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

It's a winter morning with crisp and chilly air. I am sitting in front of my reading room window and outside is a tree with all its leaves turning yellow and falling. The year of 2020 is drawing to its end. What a year, it certainly has been unprecedented for everyone on this planet. With Covid19 pandemic still evolving, we try to look through the mist, pay our deepest condolence to those who have endured losses, and prepare ourselves for the new year and challenges ahead.

Like most of the organizations dedicating to arts and cultural activities, Tian Hong foundation was forced to cancel all live events since March, including sponsoring and promoting cultural dance performances, hosting in-person cultural seminars, etc. Despite of that, we are fortunate to have maintained and expanded other areas of work this year.

Our biggest joy this year was hosting the 2020 Cross Cultural Youth Art Contest - Love, Hope and Collective Humanity. With unprecedented number of participants submitting their original artworks, the judge panel including myself was glad to award winners from two age groups for their passion, creativity and talents. Here I would like to again call out the outstanding artists with their artworks and thank all who have participated. Please review this slide deck and Youtube video if you have not got the pleasure to do so:

Quiet time is also often the best time to search inside ourselves. This year, Tian Hong revamped its new website ( and reassessed its goals and objectives. It has become more clear than ever that only with greater love, empathy, and a spirit of collective humanity, can people on this planet truly thrive together. With this in mind, Tian Hong will continue its journey in supporting arts and cultural activities that are beneficial to the public health and happiness, promoting cross cultural arts appreciation and greater love among our young generations, and producing content via Susan Shi Studio to promote positive thinking and poetic approach to life.

Sometimes I think perhaps the goal of arts and cultural exchange is not necessarily to "push" people to like other cultures, rather, its a way to enable compassion, empathy and understanding. We realize deep down how similar we actually are, despite of color, ethnicity, language or tradition.

2020 is a year that we were forced to slow down many activities, it is also a year that we rethink the relationships in our lives: relationship with nature, relationship with people, and relationship with ourselves. We wish spirit of love, hope and collective humanity will permeate more deeply into these relationships in the years to come!

Your inputs and suggestions are always welcome! We can be reached via email at You can also register via our website for future free events.

Happy holidays!

Tian Hong Foundation

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