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Some tips on dealing with the current coronavirus pandemic and Shelter in Place in the SF Bay Area

1. Stay informed, but separate facts from fear or rumors;

2. Be aware of emotions you may feel at this time - stress, confusion, sense of insecurity, loneliness, etc. They are all normal. The way to mitigate them is to direct energy towards specific actions you can take to face and help with the situation, even if just small things to do, such as staying at home and trying to improve the quality of your life at home; or preparing lots of liquid / soup / porridge for yourself and family members; or providing help to the community in the ways you can.

Specific things that might be helpful:

  • Besides work, find indoor things you like to do, such as painting, cooking, singing, etc.;

  • Dance or exercise with music 30-45 mins every day;

  • Indulge in your favorite TV shows (1-2 hrs per day);

  • Write down your thoughts, feelings, observations, etc.

3. Set up online huddle time (or you can call that "bug each other" time :-)) with remote loved ones (such as parents or children) on a regular basis (e.g. every other day);

4. Show understanding and love to close family members around you; Face the challenge together as a unison. The worst thing to do at this point is to point fingers and create tension among ourselves, this applies not only to family members, but also to countries, regions or ethnic groups.

With hope, love and patience, we will sail across this unchartered water together.

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